You want to lose weight?

EVOLIME is your competent partner in requirements analysis to identify lightweight construction potentials for your products. Our engineers have extensive experience in research and industry and will help you to find the best solution for your application. Also we are not limited to carbon components. If appropriate, we can also use other composite materials such as low-cost glass fibers.

Is your application suitable?

Our simulation experts will definitely help you. We have the know-how and state-of-the-art technology in the field of finite element simulation. For many applications, a first design can be made “at the push of a button”. Our CompoSpoke simulation software enables a fast and reliable design with few parameters for geometry and mechanical load. If required, we are also able to simulate all relevant load cases in detail and test them in experiments.

You need a small batch quickly?

Not a problem for EVOLIME. In mould design and construction we work with the latest 3D printer technology. It is a perfect complement to our flexible CompoSpoke technology. This allows us to produce single pieces and small quantities economically. Due to a fully digitalised dimensioning of components, we are able to offer very short delivery times of only a few days, if required.

Does this also work in series production?

Of course we also manufacture larger quantities. In contrast to many alternative FRP manufacturing methods, our production plant can be easily automated. It can be fitted with appropriate automation technology without any problems. You can benefit from the resulting economies of scale, so that wheel structures made of fibre-reinforced plastics become attractive for completely new applications.